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Loose Beads

  "Casablanca Seduction ". A bevy of spiritedly colorful beads of various shapes and sizes.

  "Casablanca Swirls "; featuring just the various sizes of spiritedly coloful swirly lentils of the group.

  Same Casablanca color batch; showing just the multiple strip skinny Skinner blended football beads of the group; average bead size -approximately 1.5" long.

  Not loved any less; these are the miscellany of the Casablanca family. In fact, the swirlies and misc are cutaways (scraps) after producing the football beads.

  "Glory Green Glories". Teal - yellow football beads and shapely pods; approximately 1.5" long.

  "Tibetan Highs". Duo strip skinny Skinner blended football beads; approximately 1.5" long.

  "Toasty Embrace". Chocolate - yellow football beads; approximately 1.5" long.

  A bevy of 'toasties' of various shapes.

  Gettin' dizzy? These silvery bad boys will play with your eyes.

   Wire bezelled beads. At least I think they can be called beads. This collection features polymer clay canework, stamped, stenciled and sculpted patterns in addition to the wireworking.

  A collection of various clay beads with brass wire wraps.

  Pendant elements sporting various mokume gane and cane patterns. Each piece is about 3/8ths inch thick and patterned on both sides.

 The technique used to make these is called 'watercolor' by Margaret Maggio, but when I tried a modification, the effect looked more like torn paper, so I'll call these beads "Confetti".

 The colors remind me of an African style print, so I call these African swirlies, If you look closely at what they're resting on, you'll see the plate I used to make them swirl.

 Spiral March madness! Truly madness as these beads are hard to stop making. Click here to learn how to get addicted.

 My first batch of tumble sanded beads (up to 1500 grit).

  "Mama Blues" beads.

 "Passion Tropics" beads.

  "Sultry Greens" beads.

 Dual Skinner blend football beads with black line highlights and a matching bicone pendant.

  My collection of faux amber, primarily using Cernit translucent that I tinted with clay and/or stained with inks. This version mimics antique African amber beads where some were decoratively repaired with wire and enhanced with turquoise chips.

Next step? I made a necklace! Finally, I used some of those Bali silver beads...

  Football-cut beads and one faux amber bead with embedded wire. Some of my amber beads, including the above orangish one, are featured Tory's new book "The Chameleon Clay". Others are features in 400 Polymer Clay Designs book by Lark Books.

  Faux Chevron beads. Click here to learn how to make faux chevron beads.

 Various Butterfly Wing beads. A complex project that is worth the effort. Click here to learn how to make your own Butterfly Wing Beads. The beads are featured in Making Beautiful Beads, a new Lark Books release! I taught my butterfly wing bead class at Embellishments 2002 in Portland.

  I've acquired my first set of collectible glass beads. Chevrons made by Art Seymour. Not exactly loose beads, though, are they? :)

  My second bead-n-bead-n-bead. Just inside the outermost bead you may see a royal blue bead and inside that you might be able to see a glimpse of a sparkly pink bead.

To find our a little more about this bead and how to do one yourself, click here.

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