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Welcome to my personal web site. My non-professional passions are cats, polymer clay, and cooking, so I have devoted most of my site to those areas.

Polymer clay is a very versatile modelling compound. It doesn't dry out, so you can play with it as long as you want, shaping it into whatever pleases you. It comes in many colors, plus you can mix your own. It hardens after being baked in a standard home oven.

My professional passion is User Interface Design. I've been designing desktop, web-based and mainframe software user interfaces for over 20 years. If you're interested in reviewing my resume, click here.

Happily, polymer claying, user interface design and my version of cooking are creative activities, so I luckily spend many waking moments being creative.


"Cha Cha ", my latest and thus favorite. ;-) I made this set for the CHA Jan 2007 Conference in Anaheim. The brass bezels are flowered polymer clay links with stenciled and embellished flowers.

It's hard to believe I used to not like wearing bracelets at all. Now I'm making them and wearing them all the time! That's the power of polymer clay. ;-)

Current publications where some of my work appears...

Art Jewelry magazine
400 polymer clay designs book Polymer: the Chameleon Clay book Polymer Cafe Magazine
Making Beautiful Beads book Classy Clay book Wire in Design book  

A list of all the exciting places you can go to within this little slice of heaven...
Gallery: famed hand-crafted polymer clay and mixed media creations

Polymer clay how-to projects: Clear step by step instructions

Some of my favorite recipes
My professional resume
Furbabies :)   mostly ones that purr
Favorite links
Miscellaneous - odds and ends

brandy black & white photo

brandy color photo

Brandy, in a contemplative moment.

brancy in casual pose

Casey & Nicole, adopted in 2011

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