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IMG00031-20100524-1013 IMG00032-20100524-1013 IMG00033-20100524-1014
breakfast room with view to kitchen and rear door to house back breakfast room with view to front door downstairs bedroom
IMG00034-20100524-1014 IMG00035-20100524-1014 IMG00036-20100524-1015
downstairs bedroom downstairs den front door and cobblestone stairs
IMG00037-20100524-1015 IMG00038-20100524-1015 IMG00039-20100524-1016
large living room living room fireplace living room
IMG00040-20100524-1016 IMG00041-20100524-1017 IMG00042-20100524-1017
living living room with view of stairs dining room
IMG00043-20100524-1018 IMG00044-20100524-1018 IMG00045-20100524-1020
dining room w view to kitchen dining room with view to stairs dining room w view to kitchen2
IMG00046-20100524-1020 IMG00047-20100524-1021 IMG00048-20100524-1022
dining room with view to stairs2 hallway and stairs upstairs bedroom #1
IMG00049-20100524-1022 IMG00050-20100524-1022 IMG00051-20100524-1023
upstairs bedroom #1 closet upstairs hallway w view of bedrooms #2, #3 upstairs bathroom
IMG00052-20100524-1023 IMG00053-20100524-1024 IMG00054-20100524-1024
upstairs bathroom upstairs bathroom w view of hallway and stairs bedroom #3
IMG00055-20100524-1024 IMG00056-20100524-1025 IMG00057-20100524-1025
bedroom #2 bedroom #2 bedroom hardwood floor
IMG00058-20100524-1025 IMG00059-20100524-1026 IMG00060-20100524-1026
upstairs hallway carpeting - yuck bedroom #3 bedroom #3