210 N. 19 St, San Jose, CA Photo Gallery


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210N19thSt_houseCompo IMG00002-20100524-0947 IMG00003-20100524-0948
MLS Listing for 210 N. 19th St front door & living room window house front w small covered porch
IMG00004-20100524-0949 IMG00005-20100524-0950 IMG00006-20100524-0951
house front w view of 2nd floor living room side window inspector noting on SE side
IMG00007-20100524-0955 IMG00008-20100524-0956 IMG00009-20100524-1000
view of house back laundry and storage shed 3 car garage side view
IMG00010-20100524-1001 IMG00011-20100524-1001 IMG00012-20100524-1002
leaning brick grill behind garage, path to lower level path to lower level and pool behind garage, facing NE
IMG00013-20100524-1002 IMG00014-20100524-1002 IMG00015-20100524-1003
behind garage facing lower level behind garage, facing leaning grill behind garage, pool view
IMG00016-20100524-1003 IMG00017-20100524-1004 IMG00018-20100524-1005
stairs to lower level, plum tree pool level and gate to Coyote Creek pool and pool shed
IMG00019-20100524-1006 IMG00020-20100524-1006 IMG00021-20100524-1006
from lower level, view of terrace and garage beyond the back fence neighbor to SE back yard
IMG00022-20100524-1007 IMG00023-20100524-1008 IMG00024-20100524-1008
some pool thing - pump? view of pool from pool shed lower level view of terrace
IMG00025-20100524-1008 IMG00026-20100524-1010 IMG00027-20100524-1010
lower level - view of stairs to upper level kitchen, in desperate need of destruction kitchen counter and cabinets in desperate need of destruction
IMG00028-20100524-1011 IMG00029-20100524-1012 IMG00030-20100524-1012
kitchen - what can I say kitchen view's of breakfast room downstairs - full bath